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The Death of Bugsy Siegel 03

Fran Balfour

Flow Form 03

Tim K Jones


Brad Diedrich

Simon Hearn

Featured Artist

Current Works: Photographic work of Blue mountains landscapes seen through a swirling liquid filter. See more of Simon’s contributions.


Tim K Jones using Simon Hearn’s swirling vortex form

Featured Collaborative work in progress

Current Works: Inspired by Simon Hearn’s Blue mountains landscape photographs using swirling liquid filter. Tim’s 3D work explores the idea of realising negative space to generate form. This virtual object will become an animated sprite that interacts with other Fluidity org au members’ work.



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As works near completion we will be opening the Fluidity Store. Curated works will be turned into things you can purchase so stay tuned! Your purchase will help make Fluidity org au a resilient not for profit organisation.

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