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How to use Fluidity  


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How to use Fluidity

Fluidity is a platform for multi-arts collaboration and sharing using Creative Commons licensing. The Fluidity website is driven by a community hub accessed via the Fluidity Projects link where members upload media (images-sounds-video) inspired by the current theme. Themes change on a regular basis, once every 3 or 4 months.

Participants visit the Fluidity Projects hub to either download media to work with or upload content they wish to share. Commentary, links to research and other discussion on member's creative process is encouraged within topics. Collaborative works are uploaded to the Fluidity Projects page for viewing and further collaborations. Selected work will be included in the Fluidity online gallery and may contribute to Fluidity events, exhibitions, publications, performances and installations.



Put your creative hat on and be prepared for art experiments – take three deep breaths

Go to fluidity.org.au website if you aren’t already there

Read our Terms of Use page

Click the Home link and click on the Register Here button

Fill in the Registration Form, red asterisks indicate mandatory fields

Click on the YES-NO button for confirmation of Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network membership

Click the - Agree to Terms & Conditions - checkbox to indicate your agreement

Click the - agreement to receive email - checkbox to indicate your agreement

Click the – I’m not a robot – checkbox ( Note – sometimes an image check function may launch )

An email will be sent with a link for you to generate a password for logging into Fluidity. Open your  email and follow instructions to generate your password of choice.

To login, go to the Fluidity Projects page and click on the Login tab

Enter your username and password then click the – I’m not a robot – checkbox *


To Contribute

Click the Sign In button

You may now contribute your media by going to the Fluidity Projects page - link via the menu bar

To contribute your art, click on the theme heading, currently Flow – form – 2020 Q2

Then click - Add Topic

Add your text comments, a story or poem with formatting (bold - centering) buttons on ribbon-task bar above comments. Insert external research links via the link-chain icon.

Click the My Media icon, then +Add files button to upload most formats – videos, sounds, images, text and more  

Select a file you have uploaded then click the green Insert to Post button to include the artwork in your upload.

Update Topic – edit your contribution via the Update topic button for the duration of the Fluidity project.


How to Collaborate

Look at the current posts in Fluidity Projects tab – click on the topics contributed by members where you will be shown art that members have contributed. You may find a photo, sound, original music, animation or other work of art that inspires you. The Fluidity Terms of use are via Creative Commons allowing reuse and editing of content we host with attribution to the original creator. Remix, re-sample and reuse our content at will - with attribution. To download contribution media click on the image-sound-video, then use the your browsers Save image as or Download media function.

For Windows - right mouse click while hovering over image-video and select Save Image As... or Save Video As... to save the file into your Downloads folder

For iOS and tablets - touch and hold the image that you wish to save for about 2 seconds until a menu appears. Select “Save Image“.



Be prepared to be surprised. It’s experimental art, hey, that’s one of the Fluidity goals – it’s creative stuff. Go beyond your normal art practice, you are being presented with this amazing digital environment for BluMntnsLithgo artists and as Fluidity Term of use state, “It’s all free baby”.

Fluidity team leaders thank all contributors for their generosity in sharing their intellectual property with other artists to encourage experimental community arts.


* Click the – Remember me – checkbox if you are using a trustworthy device.

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