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Weedy sea dragon - desiccated CC 3D


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Flow form marine creature. A quote of mine from another collaboration project with Mark Denny from Mounted ARI,

"The sea is an integral part of the climate and environment yet it isn't terribly well understood. Inspired by sea creatures, I've done a photogrammetry capture of a weedy sea dragon my dear departed mother found on Wreck Beach, Newcastle, NSW. I packed the specimen in salt for a few years - so it is in fact a desiccated weedy sea dragon.

Perhaps this is a warning, in the future will some creatures only be dried up specimens. As the weedy sea dragon is now in a 3D format it can be animated or in fact brought back to virtual life. The tassled fins that dropped off could be recreated with life like motion."

Note this is one side of the sea dragon, I intend to mirror this side to form a whole - hoping to add a "bone" structure and recreate the flipper-fins for propulsion.


Screen grab from Sketchfab

Weedy sea dragon SCRNGRB





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