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First contribution - Immerse me, Hyde Park, Hartley  


Tim Jones
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05/05/2020 10:13 am  

Flow is such a great theme to start Fluidity. Flow is an essential part of qi - not only a good scrabble word but a fascinating Chinese philosophy.

This piece is inspired by Hyde Park, Hartley - a historic place on the River Lett. It's watercolour, pastel and indian ink on watercolour paper which has been warped into a form resembling a cliff top view of Hyde Park. Hopefully, there's a video of a bit further up River Lett taken from under the road bridge. Attribute - Tim K Jones - Title - Immerse me, Hyde Park, Hartley - Medium - mixed media, pastel and watercolour on paper.

TKJ Flow form 3 DSC06555
TKJ Flow form 2 DSC06555


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