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Blood flow  


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12/05/2020 1:22 am  

The death in 1905 of mobster Bugsy Siegel was a grim affair. As his life ebbed away, blood flowed from wounds across the sofa to the floor. The pattern of bullet wounds echoed the upholstery. It's an unsolved case, military issue rifle shots through a window. I will add some research links soon.

death of Bugsy Siegel DSC06562
death of Bugsy Siegel DSC06560
death of Bugsy Siegel DSC06559


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24/05/2020 8:18 am  

Wow Fran, great piece. I never thought of blood flow. An intriguing story that I've started researching. Benjamin Bugsy's death was big news in the Australian press. A snippet overview of some of the women in his life from Trove. Other Fluidity members may not be aware of Trove, it's a treasure trove of historic media - newspapers, movies, sound, images, archived websites & heaps more. All free. Much of the content is public domain with attribution to item holder-recorder-author.

Women in Bugsy's life - article Trove