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What is Fluidity

The Fluidity project is a platform for the development of experimental collaborative artworks and partnership building between different artforms. Using a virtual collaborative space, The Fluidity Project will explore new themes and concepts every four months culminating in an online exhibition, performance, screening or gallery experience.

Who is it for?

Fluidity is for any artists in the Greater Blue Mountains (Blue Mountains-Lithgow council areas) who wish to explore experimental collaborative art using an online platform for production, discussion and distribution. The principle of the Creative Commons, where appropriation and referencing one another’s works is allowed and encouraged will be a bedrock of Fluidity. Collaboration can include drawing, painting, print, design, photography, installation, sculptural forms, craft, music, video, animation, new media, writings, performance and other art forms .

How Does it Work?

Simply register here on the member forum and start creating. Fluidity uses a simple online forum system for artists to upload their contributions in a range of formats (image-sound-video-text), collaborators simply download content using a web browser of choice. A simple online gallery structure will allow participants and the world to view Fluidity collaborations.

Coming Up

Join A Project

Current Project is Flow-Form 2020

Calling for creative ideas about flow and form in our lives and environment. Fluidity themes change every few months culminating in an online or offline event – production – happening – publication – performance – seminar or other multi-arts experience.

Submit a work or take inspiration from something submitted via Creative Commons licensing agreements.

To join and contribute register via the link on our Home or Fluidity Projects page.


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